Shall I Share My Emotional Side?

R. Gupta
2 min readApr 25, 2022

Today, while sitting on the chair on the balcony and enjoying a cup of coffee with the breeze of cold air with my music, the idea came into mind to write about a person who does not want to reveal his emotional side in front of anyone. Although, that person is too caring even for small things but doesn’t talk about his emotions. I am writing for the first time, please bear with me. I hope you also know these kinds of people in your personal life too.


I have written something keeping that person in mind, here it goes like this-

Usually this person talk too much, But still can’t express his emotions.

Usually, this person throws too many tantrums, But still can’t appreciate other efforts made for him.

Deep down he really cares for others, but can’t express himself.

Usually. he stays too happy, But deep down sometimes feels hurt too over little things.

Humorous part of him is visible to the world, But emotional part is buried within him.

He likes when someone cares for him, makes efforts for him, and makes themselves available for him when not asked.

He also makes himself available to others too, although pretends not to care, and makes excuses so as to not sound emotional.

Yes, he is too emotional. Maybe he is too scared of what others will think of him.

As he has always portrayed himself as a practical person, Now feels vulnerable to show his emotional side.

I think he also likes the humorous part of himself more, I think me too. But would like to know his emotional side too.

Should he share his emotional side? It is still remained to explore.

I hope you liked this a little. I would love to know do you know any of this kind of person in your life too? If you enjoyed it a bit and someone came into your thoughts while reading this. Then please give it a clap, share it with them, and follow me on medium. Stay tuned for other articles. Although I write on technical topics but thought to give it a try too. I don’t know how it will sound to you. If you came to this line while reading, huge thanks to you for bearing me till now.



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